Radiotherapy is a complex treatment. After surgery it is the one cancer treatment that provides the most cure after primary surgery. It also is very helpful for palliation. Radiotherapy has developed considerably and the goal is to continue to strive for effective dose delivery to tumours, whilst sparing normal nearby parts of the body as much as possible. I see advanced radiotherapy akin to surgery, but without the scalpel. Radiation Oncologists are at the forefront in technology in medicine. 

Radiotherapy required a team. Our MDT surgical, radiology, pathology and nursing colleagues prior to radiotherapy, are integral to the work up to radiotherapy treatment.

The pre-treat team of radiographers, physicists and dosimetrists, in conjunction with the oncologist develop the sophisticated radiotherapy plans, using advanced computer software. Every radiotherapy plan is unique and designed for each patient. 

Once treatment is ready to begin, the therapy radiographers deliver your treatment and will guide you through each step. Engineers manage the technology and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Oncology doctors design, prescribe and oversee the radiotherapy treatment and your medical care during this time. 

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